Babies just know....

by ~Laura Mann, CNM.

... where they need to be born that is.

One of our young, powerful Tree of Life clients delivered a thriving baby boy at Scripps Encinitas Hospital on Sunday morning after a swift and calm labor.

She was 36 weeks gestation and the cut off for delivering at the birth center is 37-42 weeks.  Tree of Life midwives are able to maintain full care for uncomplicated labor and delivery of our patients at Scripps Encinitas where we are all credentialed as staff members in the OB department. We are thrilled to be able to offer the continuity of care to our patients and keep Tree of Life mamas under midwifery care even if they do not birth at the birth center.

Mama and baby are settling in, getting the support that Scripps has to offer and enjoying the bonding period in a safe and supportive environment.