One week and many naps later...

Krystal and co. 1 week old.jpg

by Laura Mann, CNM.

One week and many naps later, she arrives. The strong, vibrant mother of 2 that she now is. You watch in awe and amazement how she calmly snuggles her newborn while firmly and lovingly directing her elder child. You understand because you have been in this moment not too long ago. It is palpable under your mothering skin -- the excitement, the ease, the adjustment, the faint feeling of overwhelmedness balanced by tiny, infinite successes.

and you take a deep breath for her, and for them, and for your own. This moment is only just that, a moment.  and it goes so swiftly. from under our feet and between our fingers.  

Until one day, you are watching them both on the beach, playing into the autumn sunset. An elder woman strolls up and tells you how precious your children are. She shares that she too has 2 boys who are grown now. And she offers you that age-old bit of maternal wisdom... it goes so fast, enjoy this moment. they never last.