The long wait....

by Laura Mann, CNM.

As a midwife and a mother, I understand waiting. 

I get it. The moon waxes and the moon wanes. The tides roll in and roll out.

And still we wait. 

We wait for the first contraction. And then for the next. We wait for the cervix to ripen and open and for the mama to drop into her vortex and for her baby to drop into and then through the pelvis. And the placenta to follow. and the family to form.

We are used to waiting, us midwives and mothers, and we are comfortable in the silent pause of precious vigilance. In fact, we are happy to wait because we understand that each baby knows the right moment to be born.  And we trust our mamas and our babies. And we Trust Birth. And we are prepared for the unexpected.

And then sometimes we tire of waiting. Our ankles have had enough. Our hips and tailbones and lower backs have had enough.  Our phones have stopped ringing and dinging with messages asking us if we are still pregnant and where is this baby of ours.  and we reach for our remedies and we talk to the moon and we monitor the baby and we plan for the unknown.

And then he or she arrives. However he or she chooses. all that waiting and watching and monitoring and talking -- whoosh! We are once again, striped down and vulnerable, estatic and exhausted, mother and midwives. done waiting. ready to serve.

~Laura Mann, CNM.