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Mama Tribe: Mama Vitality Presentation

Today's Mama Tribe meeting will feature a wonderful presentation by local mom and holistic health coach, Deena Barselah!

Deena Barselah, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach has been supporting individuals, families, and groups for over 7 years on a path towards feeling as good as they know they should.  Deena uses real food, traditional approaches from around the world, dives into tons of research to source the highest quality of everything she uses and recommends, and takes a relaxed and practical approach to wellness.  

Deena came into the holistic wellness world because of her own health struggles.  For years Deena suffered from chronic digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalance, body-wide pain, chronic allergies and weakness that limited her from living her best life.  She healed herself of all of these issues and now supports others to do the same!

Deena became a mom to her son, Zeke, one year ago and knows first hand how tough it can be to prioritize herself and her needs.  Once a Mama, the self-care that had become routine went out the window.  Sleep-deprived, working full-time, caring for a sick parent at a distance, and doing what she could to stay healthy for herself and her baby, she sifted through everything she'd learned over the years and came up with her Mama Wellness Toolkit.  It's about taking care of her and taking care of her family so that everyone can thrive!

She's excited to share all of this with you.

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