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Childhood Emergencies & CPR Class

Scrapes and bruises are a part of any childhood, but parents can help their children avoid many serious injuries. In Childhood Emergencies & CPR classes, parents will learn how to prevent emergencies out on the street and in the house, as well as how to respond when they do occur. Classes will cover:

  • Babyproofing – including commonly overlooked safety concerns
  • Choking – how to cut food to minimize choking, how to identify choking hazards
  • Allergies – minor & life threatening
  • Car Seats – proper use & guidelines
  • CPR – for infants & young children

Each class will be tailored to the concerns of the attendees, ensuring that parents finish the session feeling empowered. Classes are taught in a loving and engaging manner and parents are welcome to bring their babies.

Classes are taught by Karen Connor, an expert in emergency training. She has taught hundreds of different types of emergency classes for 30 years and specializes in pediatrics.

Cost: $45/person, $80/couple

Register: call or email Karen: (619) 992-5273