Susan Melnikow, CNM

Susan has been practicing midwifery for thirty years.  She feels  blessed to have found her true “calling” as an honor to share the special experience of each unique birth.  Susan started her career in home birth, which afforded an opportunity to witness undisturbed, physiologic birth as it was designed to unfold. This has provided a strong foundation of skill to carry traditional midwifery practices into four other birth centers over the years, as well as at Scripps Hospital- Encinitas for sixteen years.  Susan lives her passion and commitment to strengthen all birthing choices for women, having birthed her own daughter at home. Along the path, she has come to understand the true sacred nature of pregnancy and the birth process. As a practicing Birthing From Within Mentor, she delights in facilitating the natural self-discovery that can occur during pregnancy and birth that is treated as a rite of passage.  Although a native Californian, Susan completed her RN at the University of Portland in Oregon in 1975, Certificate of Nurse-Midwifery at the University of  Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson in 1982, and Masters of Science in Midwifery in 2002 at Charles Drew University of Science and Medicine in Los Angeles.  When not spending time with birth, Susan enjoys time in the garden or at the beach with her dogs, Luc and Che.