Leslie Walter, CNM


Leslie grew up in San Diego.  She graduated from Humboldt State University in 1989 and then worked as a labor and delivery nurse in birth centers and hospitals in California for ten years.  

Leslie and her wonderful husband, George have seven children- all caught by midwives. They moved to Maine in 2002 and lived there twelve years.  Leslie spent her time caring for her family, attempting to grow vegetable gardens, raising chickens, two dogs, a rabbit, and other creatures. She also went back to school and became a midwife; graduating from Frontier Nursing University in 2014.

Leslie and her family returned to San Diego in 2015 and she is thrilled to be serving as a midwife at Tree of Life.  She believes women's bodies are designed to bring forth and sustain life; and that every baby is a precious gift.  By grace and through faith in Jesus, Leslie's passion is to give support to all birthing families during their special time of great change and deep joy.