Donate Now - Be a Birth Hero!

We structured our corporation as a non-profit 501c3 organization to facilitate participation, support, and involvement of the larger community.  Our success is interdependent with how we engage you and others as co-creators of this vision…

There are many ways for you to be part of our birthing community:

  • First and foremost, please spread the word of our birth center to your community.  Let women know that we are currently accepting clients. Forward this link to friends who are interested in expanding their maternity care options.

And most importantly, in this moment of momentum-building for our small non-profit:

  • Make a tax-deductible donation to our center.  Your generous donation will provide our center with necessary medical supplies, ensure appropriate funding as we journey through the licensure and accreditation process, and propel our fledgling business into a sustainable future

  • If you would like to donate a specific item to our birth center, please contact Tree of Life midwives directly at 760-230-6077. Needed items include:


Board of Directors

  • Jason Mann               
  • Susan Melnikow, CNM
  • Dr. Pete Aoukar
  • Joely Pritzker, RN
  • Sarah Ring

Advisory Board 

  • Caroline Coulston, JD