Prenatal and Postnatal Therapy

Services Offered:

  • Prenatal Therapy: Pregnancy is a truly amazing and life altering experience. Processing the physical, emotional, relational and spiritual changes can create a smooth transition.

  • Postpartum Therapy: The experience of bringing new life into this world has been described as the most beautiful and terrifying event of a persons life. Postpartum therapy can be as gentle as sharing your birthing story and can continue on to providing on-going support to new moms (and dads).

  • Moms-to-be and Mommies Support Group: The pregnancy and postpartum experience can be intense- why go through it alone! Join a group of other moms-to-be or new mommies to process the changes in your lives and increase your sense of community in women-hood!

About Me:

Hello! I am Dr. Kimberly Ortiz, I am a Doctor of Psychology and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I am a wife and a mother to a beautiful little girl; and a playful German Shepard named Leo. I received my masters degree from Syracuse University and my doctorate from Alliant International University.

I have been practicing psychotherapy for the past eight years, working with children and adults in a variety of settings.  I have truly found my calling in life and I look forward to continuing to help people better their own lives.  

I am passionate about providing support to those who may be struggling or needing an active listener. I understand that all of life's transitions come with their own challenges.  That being said, often therapy follows the same format as a transitional support. Problems are not permanent. And people are not their problems. Together we can work to create distance between you and the issues you may be experiencing and move towards a more healthy path.

Based on my passion for supporting women and families through their prenatal and postpartum journeys, my practice has developed a partnership with the beautiful Tree of Life Birth Center.

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