Dr. Kimberly Ortiz

About Dr. Kimberly Ortiz

Working with others is a true passion of mine and where I feel the most alive! I am a warm and open person, and believe that positive energy is contagious. Most people find me very easy to talk with and open up to. I utilize a genuine and honest approach, and come from a non-judgmental stance.  My office is a place where you can be yourself and talk about anything that comes to you.  I want my clients to feel safe to discuss anything, from day to day frustrations to deep feelings and insecurities; we will proceed at your pace. Therapy should take on the format that feels the most comfortable to you. Each of my clients receives an individualized treatment approach that is developed through collaboration between you and I.  My approach is flexible to fit your needs at the current time and therefore therapy will evolve to best serve you.


I have a passion for helping people and providing therapy and have pursued several educational degrees to ensure I have the best skills to serve my clients. I received my Doctorate of Psychology from Alliant International University in San Diego, California. Prior to this I received my Master’s Degree in Family and Marriage Therapy from Syracuse University in New York. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from James Madison University in Virginia. 

Additionally, I have been working with one on one and with individuals and families for many years in different capacities. I have worked as a therapist for over eight years. I have worked with foster care children, developed programs for the Boys and Girls Club of American and I was even a martial arts instructor for many years. I have worked in several residential psychology settings, with both adults and children struggling with co-occurring mental health disorders. I also have experience in both non-profit community settings and private practice offices. After working with many different populations I have found a calling working to empower women going through the joy and hardships of bringing new life into this world.  I am dedicated to giving women an avenue to share their voice and feel confident about wherever they are at and however they are feeling. 

World-View and Style

I understand the world through a social justice lens, meaning that I see how power and privilege impacts all of our relationships and experiences. Everyone should have the platform to share their voice and be validated in their lived experiences.  Story- telling and language to have amazing power and the ability to impact every aspect of our being. My approach views therapy as a collaborative relationship between therapist and client, working together to develop the skills clients already possess to help support a positive change experience.

I use an integrative and holistic approach to therapy that is fluid in nature to fit each client’s specific style and needs. I utilize ideas from Narrative Therapy developed by Michael White and David Epston (1990), which focuses of creating a sense of meaning in our lives and separating ourselves from the issues we are facing. My approach also incorporates a Feminist and Multicultural approach, which explores how power dynamics in relationships and society affect people’s experiences.