Vanessa Mergulhão

Vanessa is an Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Certified Flower Essences Practitioner. She specializes in women's health, pain management and emotional balance, integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities with vibrational healing. She believes emotional wellness is a foundation for optimal health, and incorporates Bach Flower remedies, aromatherapy and Cupping massage into her treatments for greater relaxation and well being.

She gave birth to her first child right after graduating from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and earning her master's degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Overcoming the challenges of the first year of motherhood allowed her to recognize her purpose as a healer, which is to help other moms who are struggling, tired and overwhelmed, not only by offering treatment for their various health conditions, but also support and guidance in their own journey.

Her practice is dedicated to women in all stages of motherhood, from prenatal to postpartum and beyond. She also offers pre-birth and childbirth acupuncture to support an optimal birth experience. Besides her Acupuncture practice she also co-leads workshops and community events for moms.  

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