Our mission is to serve as a philosophical and educational center for birthing and family-making, that honors the unique, natural process of each pregnancy and birth, while fostering a woman’s trust in herself; and facilitates connection of people to each other in community, teaching respect for our interdependence upon each other and the planet in order to live whole, healthy, happy and satisfying lives.

Every pregnant woman will feel a sense of positive satisfaction after her birth, with a sense of soul-connection to her infant, and a secure confidence in her instinctual ability to mother.  Every pregnant couple will be able to ride the waves of change in trust and love.  All new mothers and fathers will be supported to activate their innate ability to parent, and to facilitate their inner wisdom to help guide each child to his or her own individual purpose in life.  As a community, we will learn to support each other,  to connect in loving friendship, learning  to celebrate life in joyous harmony with nature.


Tree of Life for Healthy Birthing and Parenting
Encinitas, CA
Accredited since 2014

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